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I am a fine art photographer specializing in weddings, honeymoon, engagements, proposals and portraits based in Maldives.
I have learned so much about people I photographed and life in itself and the importance of human connections. It makes me feel like I am given a chance to see the timeless beauty of life. It keeps my passion going as I joyfully lit up the lives of people with these memorable, heart-warming or just simply beautiful photographs.
I am a photographer in Maldives available to travel to any of the Luxury Resorts in Maldives, but also shoot in the rest of the world on destination Weddings and shoot along travelling families and couples. I am listening to you through the contact form , do not hesitate to write to me with your ideas and questions about the islands of Maldives.

Photographer in Maldives – Honeymoon on the beach island Resort, Engagement, surprise proposal, Wedding, wow renewal, or Pre-wedding Photography.

  • Ana and Dinh Honeymoon in Maldives at Cocoa Island Resort Beyond amazing! Some people can be camera shy like my husband and I. Asad added his personality when he was having us take pictures and guided us in the perfect way. The results = AMAZING! Thank you again for such a perfect photo session along with perfect photos for our cherished memories! - Ana and Dinh
  • If you want exceptional pictures in an incredible place, Asad will deliver! We planned a trip to the Maldives as a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary. And being one of the most beautiful places in the world, we figured the Maldives would be the perfect place to have pictures taken. Enter Asad. Asad is kind and relaxed. Because he is relaxed, he helped us to feel relaxed too. And he is very personable. He has a lot of experience shooting in the Maldives, and his work shows it! He isn't just a photographer, but an artist, and we are more than ecstatic with our anniversary pictures. Asad wanted to know what drew us to the resort we chose, and then he used that as a springboard for our session - capturing our relationship and the unique surroundings where we celebrated our anniversary. So the pictures tell our story and the story of our experience in the beautiful Maldives. Thank you Asad, for your artistry! We are thrilled with the pictures!