Experience Male city in a short tour.

Experiencing male city in 1 day

The capital Male’ is filled with people and buildings, it is the most densely populated piece of land even if we check worldwide. Just over 2sqm and more than a 100 thousand people are living on it.

Even with huge buildings male is filled with different types of historical attractions.

If you arrive from hulhulhe side, you might arrive nearby the presidents jetty. It has been recently renovated and has been named ‘Izzudhdheen jetty’.

Infront of izzudheen jetty is the jumhooree maidhaan. This is the place where the biggest national flag is hoisted.

In close proximity you can find, sultan park and the grand Friday mosque.

Sultan park is filled with kids play area and beautiful gardens. A stage is also inside the park where on fridays schools and other groups hold events and items.

The only part of the old ganduvaru where Kong’s and queens used to live is also inside sultan park.

The national museum is only a few minutes away from the sultan park.

It has a wide range of historical items on display which includes the garments of kings and queens, the items they used for war. Some of the idols used for worship during the Buddhist worshiping time which was found on various items can also be seen. Even a whale skeleton is on display.

Mariyam Sausan

Mariyam Sausan is an independent content writer. Currently she helps to manage all social media accounts for Asad’s Photography. She is always ready for an adventure and likes to travel to all kinds of exciting places in her free time.

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