Our Awesome Beach Wedding in Maldives

One dude meet by chance a woman and they figure out more things in common than they could imagine. Same city, musical taste, sports preferences and the addiction to explore the world. This could be the beginning of a new Hollywood movie but is just how our lives together began.

Long story short, everything that is good, should be remembered forever. With that in mind, we decided to celebrate our journey in a unique way: renew our votes on an awesome beach wedding in Maldives!

Starring a paradise beach as main stage, under a blue (with one or two clouds) sky and a hypnotic turquoise sea that hurt your eyes. Our guests were not relatives or friends. Random people that we met by that time, days before our beach wedding.

Celebrate a beach wedding on those incredible islands could be easier than you think. Considering that your trip to Maldives is already planned and the ceremony will be a plus. Most of the resorts offers several wedding packages.

Everything is included and you can add more according to your budget. Your beach wedding could be “basic”, with a spa preparation, photograph, cake and champagne. Or a very luxury one ending with a dinner and private chef on an exclusive beach.

Once on Conrad Maldives we have three kinds of ceremonies to choose. In a chapel, on the underwater restaurant or a beach wedding. Off course we got the last one, which also included a tour on a typical Maldivian boat so called Dhoni.

Just like all weddings, the big day could be a bit stressful (for the bride, of course). While I was sleeping, snorkeling and relaxing by the beach. The poor lady was locked in a spa doing all the beauty rituals.


Our beach wedding started on time. A club car arrived at our Villa and took us to the ceremony location. We met our photograph, specialist on marine life, that on the spare time also likes to register happy human couples.

The car drop us close to the beach, in the middle of a group of people whose I didn’t remember sent an invitation. Turns out they were responsible to start our ceremony on a very peculiar manner. While the bride was carried on a hammock on their shoulders, I was in charge of lead the way to the altar.

When we reached the sand we could see the pretty decoration, with nothing extravagant, but in harmony with the natural beauties. Our guests were waiting for us together with the resort crew and a judge to seal our votes.

He has an amazing speech, with several metaphors and symbols. A flame of love that we should take care to light forever, a blanket to keep us cozy and together, just like flower collars and, our wedding rings. Everything to prepare us for the I do moment and the kiss. From now on, we are one!

With the end of the ceremony and a petals rain provided by our guests, It was time to start the party at our beach wedding. Cake, beverages and the bouquet were served. There were no DJ but a group of boduberu players in charge of the soundtrack. Entertainment enough to distract everyone while we left for our romantic tour on the Indic Ocean.

Unfortunately a storm started to form on the horizon and we had to suspend our boat trip on the middle of the ride. But that was nothing compared to the outstanding experience we had on that beach wedding. Renew your votes or any other kind of celebration is always magical when you are travelling, but a paradise as stage can make it unforgettable.


I have been photographing unique weddings across the islands of Maldives since the beginning of my career. Starting from my ex IT Manager position where i had to take up the camera as the men of Technology is the one whose best to operate a camera or a Television on the island. Counting with more then 200 beach weddings in Maldives with romantic couples who celebrated their renewal of wows to beach weddings escaping from the crowd. 

Ibrahim Asad

Photographer based in Maldives, My name is Asad, and I enjoy the beach and its Natural music, boat trips, and Coffee roasts. I am a photographer who travels for nearly every one of my client to document the amazing experience in Maldives, Be it an Engagement on the beach island Resort or a surprise proposal, Wedding or a renewal of wow, Pre-wedding or a Honeymoon Portrait Session. If you want to see more photos, I recommend checking out the blog.


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