Into the deep blues in Maldives 🇲🇻 Maldives Couple moments by Asad’s Photography – A Photo collection 

Into the deep blues in Maldives 🇲🇻

It’s among the brightest memories of a Holiday in Maldives, I had these amazing couples in Maldives in last couple of months and they’re so amazing that I am falling deeper and deeper in love with the blues of Maldives,

Island Holiday in Maldives

I have been working on this kind of collection to inspire you all to travel, I am a Photographer from Maldives who spend more time in traveling then shooting, Every shoot happens in a unique island in my calendar and iIt’s all happening to be about traveling,

It’s a collection of images from my recent years of dedicated travel around the islands of Maldives, Yes traveling around Maldives, There would be a lot of who doesn’t know about these islands,

– For someone who have no idea about Maldives, Maldives is a small nation with a big ocean and more islands then it’s people,

– If you already have an idea about the Maldives, It’s more then 1000 islands, Among the thousands isles more then 120 are developed as Luxury Holiday Island Resort. 167 are resident island where locals live,

– Every one of the island Resorts in Maldives is developed on its own island other then very few islands Developed on multiple islands connected by overwater bridges or a small boat taking you from one island to another,

Each island is a resort – one island one hotel. Some islands are large enough to have a good walk around, others you can go around the island in 10/20 minutes. Some have a choice of restaurants – Kuredu, Reethi Beach, Kuramathi and Kurumba are some examples, but on many islands you will be restricted to a single restaurant or bar, maybe 2. You cannot island hop to try what other islands have to offer except by organised excursion. And not all islands have a pool.

Photography by Asad’s Photography,

Maldives based Photographer documenting lifestyle candid moments, #Matato


Ibrahim Asad

Maldives based wedding and Honeymoon Portrait Photographer

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