Bone white coral pearls, sporadically dotted across the glorious Indian Ocean, it hides a world of underwater treasures beneath its crystal clear depths.

More than 1200 island paradises, replete with golden sands; sapphire blue waters; bone-white coral reefs, speckled with rainbow coloured marine life which will take your breath away; deep blue lagoons; rich vegetation; majestic marine creatures such as regal rays and giant turtles, makes the Maldives one of the most spectacular places in the world.

The Maldives are a series of small islands in the Indian Ocean which were colonised by various peoples from Sri Lanka and India throughout their history. Visitors will be greeted by azure waters, hiding underwater treasures, stunning reefs, gorgeous beaches and a whole host of other amazing things.

Golden sands, which stretch as far as the eye can see; deep blue waters, which reveal all the secrets thanks to their complete clarity; palm trees opening out over sun-kissed beaches; coconut shells lying on the sands; luscious green vegetation creating nature’s tricolour of green, yellow and sapphire; brilliant white coral reefs, which throb with life; and much, much more.

The smell of charcoal smoking on a beach; fish skin being blackened over red-hot coals; the sweet smell of coconuts, giving it a tropical feel; the salty fresh scent of the sea; the exhilarating scent of nature, without being diminished by cars, industry or synthetic smells of any kind

‘Fihunu mas’, a chilli infused fish dish that is barbecued on the beach; ‘Garudhiya’ a tangy lime fish broth, which is light and fresh; ‘Mas huni’ a smoked fish dish, which is finished with soft coconuts and caramelised onions; and a whole range of other amazing seafood dishes, which are caught and eaten on the same day.

The Maldives are defined by the slow passage of time, gone is the rush of the modern world, replaced by an atmosphere where you have time to think, relax, enjoy the majesty of the beaches and treasures that the sea has to offer.


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