Maldives is 20 Sunsets in 20 Different Atolls.

Its the so called rainy season in Maldives! But i kept enjoying the sunsets and blue skies on the rainy season too!

All i had to do was spend an extra day with every shoot booked with me in Maldives, I have been working with couples who visit Maldives from all around the globe including the far most countries including American continent. I have never allowed my calender to be filled with dates on May and june, It should always be atleast one day to be able to change the date.

The most important thing for me was satisfying my clients expectation! Ofcourse my portfolio is filled with blue skies and patterns of sunset clouds, Its all different days in different islands of Maldives, Bieng a Maldivian Photographer wasn’t easy. Its more travels then anything else.

Maldives consists of 22 Geographical Atolls and more then 1200 Islands, Sand banks and lagoons are not well counted but a lot of it is around.

Sunset in Haa Alif Atoll,


Sunset in Shaviyani Atoll


Sunset in Noonu Atoll

Velaa Wedding (4)

Sunset in Raa Atoll


Sunset in Baa Atoll

D8K_1279D8K_1235D8E_8691D8E_5108D8E_1582D7H_161745 - Dinh + Ana (6)Jancy + Thomas (15)DSC_7322DSC_1643D8E_6029D8E_1478Ahmed + Nadha Family Holiday Maldives - Kaafu atollSunset in Maldives,Payal + Mehta (9)DSC_7573

Sunset in Lhaviyani Atoll

Sunset in Kaafu Atoll

Sunset in Alif Atoll

Sunset in Vaavu Atoll

Sunset in Meemu Atoll

Sunset in Faafu Atoll

Sunset in Dhaalu Atoll

Sunset in Thaa Atoll

Sunset in Laamu Atoll

Sunset in Gaafu Alif Atoll

Sunset in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll

Sunset in Gnaviyani Atoll

Sunset in Seenu Atoll,

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Ibrahim Asad

Photographer based in Maldives, My name is Asad, and I enjoy the beach and its Natural music, boat trips, and Coffee roasts. I am a photographer who travels for nearly every one of my client to document the amazing experience in Maldives, Be it an Engagement on the beach island Resort or a surprise proposal, Wedding or a renewal of wow, Pre-wedding or a Honeymoon Portrait Session. If you want to see more photos, I recommend checking out the blog.


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