• It is an archipelagic nation in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
  • It has a lot of private luxury resorts that a lot of us dream to make a Relaxing holiday,
  • It is expensive to go and stay until you’re an expert reading this post,
  • These island guide is created with the questions I am getting everyday,

Note: These information on the article are my personal travel experience to almost half of the islands in Maldives whopping 600 islands which took me 17 years, I have shot and compiled collection of Images from journey for your travel inspiration,

  • Every Inhabited island of Maldives 167 islands,
  • Sunset in more then 100 islands of Maldives,
  • 100 couple photos on 100 different islands of Maldives,
  • Sunset couple silhouettes in 100 islands of Maldives,
  • Romantic couple Photos in 100 different beaches of Maldives
  • Aerial Images of Maldives from Addu Atoll Hithadhoo to Haa Alifu Thuraakunu covering 800 Islands,
Understanding the Maldives
Beaches are what tourists come to the Maldives for, but you need to ask yourself what type of beach holiday you want to enjoy here. As far as cost is concerned, there are two different ways of doing this: budget and luxury or Ultra Luxury with Private butlers, your own private island with butlers and crew to serve you,
Bounded by Asia (India), Africa, Australia, and Antarctica, the Indian Ocean prides itself with precious clear beaches, turquoise waters, stunning islands, and marvelous scenery, being frequently considered one of the most appealing marine destinations on Earth.
Maldives is a tropical country, made up of 26 coral atolls that fragmented into 1,192 islands, only 167 of which are inhabited. Tourism powers its economy. In fact, More then 120 of the inhabited islands are exclusive private island resorts, facilitates to attract tourists.
Where to Stay in the Maldives
So basically, there are two types of islands here: private and local Islands. The local islands, also called “public islands”, are those inhabited, meaning there are locals living there. This also means that there are establishments available to everyone such as grocery stores, tour agencies, shops, etc. The private islands or Resorts are occupied by luxury travel brands, most of which are open only to their guests and staff. Some of these private islands are open to non-guests who are staying elsewhere but on a day tour.
List of International Hotels and Resort Brands
List of Maldivian Resort Brands
Local Islands
Local Islands in Maldives is the new Travaller trend with the newly open opportunities to operate and manage hotels and guest houses on local Islands,
One of the key differences between the local and private islands other than the cost is that most restrictions do not apply to the latter. The Maldives is an Islamic nation that follows a strict dress code: shoulders and thighs must be covered even at the beach. (So nope, no bikinis.) as long as there is a private beach specified for tourists, But that rule isn’t observed in private islands. If you’re a kind of person who does want to enjoy the beaches of Maldives is the best option in a budget, There is no difference on the beaches and scenic views on a resort or a local island,
There are three type accommodation available on local Islands, Private island resorts, Holiday Homes, Island Hotels,
Local Islands Guest houses and Inns
Budget between 37 to 110 per night)
The most budget friendly holiday type the Maldives islands has to offer,
No alcohol is offered anywhere or available on these islands,
Bikini is not allowed other then the designated beaches for tourists,
Local Island Holiday Homes and Luxury Villas,
Two bedroom to eight bed room holiday homes are available around the islands of Maldives,
Luxury holiday homes starting from 150USD per night,
Island Holiday Homes starting from 150USD per night,
The top budget friendly holiday accommodation on an island of Maldives for a Family or group,
Island Hotels,
Budget between 65USD to 260USD
A bit higher in price but the services and food offered on the hotels would be top notch, including private beaches, pool villas, in house dive instructors and activity guides,
Top most famous local Islands with the best best facilities and things to do in Maldives,
Maafushi, Male Atoll
Hulhumale, Male Atoll,
Ukulhas, Ari Atoll,
Thinadhoo, Vaavu Atoll
Dhigu Rah, Ari atoll,
Maamigili, Ari Atoll
Mathiveri, Ari Atoll,
Fuvahmulah, South most Atoll,
Addu, South most Atoll,
Kelaa, North most Atoll,
Private Island Resorts
If you’re after luxury and privacy and you don’t mind spending much on this trip, you might want to consider staying at an exclusive resort. This is a good option for honeymooners and those on romantic getaways.
Exclusive resorts come in all forms, too. Some charge thousands of dollars per night (the likes of Four Seasons). But those islands without international brand names are slightly more affordable. For example, Paradise Island Resort, Fihalhohi Island Resort Island Resort and Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort offer beach rooms for only 200 USD (low season) and 300 USD (peak season).
Let me try to categorize some of the resorts with three budget categories, I can strongly say that there wouldn’t be a different on the beaches depending on the budgets,
Every one of these resorts are built in its own private island, the beaches are clean and you wouldn’t find anything other then infinite beauty on any of these islands,
The landscapes of the resort have always remained as natural as it can, So there is simply no difference on the pictures taken at Four Season Maldives or Paradise Island Resort,
Maldives Resort budget categories,
Budget Resort Islands (110 to 450USD)
Budget Resorts with Water Bungalows (350USD to 600USD per night)

Luxury Resorts (600USD to 6000USD per night)

Domestic travels or Airport Transfer

Resorts you can travel with Speed boat, Speed boat transfers are least expensive way to reach a resort in Maldives,
Resorts which require seaplane
Resorts which requires Domestic Airplane + Speed boat,
Airport Resorts and Hotels in Maldives
Once you arrive at Ibrahim Nasir Male’ International Airport (MLE) on the island of Hulhule’, you’ll most likely be escorted by a representative from your resort to the island where you are staying. You will have to take a ferry, an air taxi, a speedboat or some combination of the three to reach your final destination. This final jaunt is sometimes included in the cost of your hotel stay.
Hotel transfers don’t usually fill most of us with joy – but in the Maldives things are different. Forget long minibus rides from the airport or endless hours stuck in a taxi, the unique formation of this island nation means that to reach your exclusive resort you’ll need to cruise or fly.
Some islands can only be reached by boat, and some require a seaplane ride. But for others you’ll have the choice between the two. So how do you choose?
Speedboats are the most cost-effective option and are usually included in your package costs. The process is effortless – after you arrive into Malé airport, your speedboat will arrive at the jetty just across the road from the terminal. Jump aboard, feel the wind in your hair and relax/enjoy the anticipation of spotting your hotel coming into view. Speedboats are operated by individual resorts and come in various forms, but all offer a comfortable start to your holiday. Depending on the location of your resort, you’ll pass other islands en route – both resort islands and tiny uninhabited ‘picnic islands’ – and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and the colors of the lagoons you come across,
Let me call it my Taxis in Maldives, Its my daily excursion to view these islands from a window of a Seaplane, A seaplane is far quicker at transporting you from Airport to your Little holiday Island, the main reason to take a seaplane ride is for the aerial views – it’s a thrilling excursion and a practical mode of travel in one. The seaplane terminal is a second terminal in Male International Airport, and seaplane flights depart at scheduled times during daylight hours. Seaplanes in the Maldives are small, and you’ll be enjoying this experience with around 15 other passengers travelling to/from several resorts in the same area. But your focus will be outside the window, as you soar over picture-perfect islands of all shapes and sizes and, as you climb higher, see the reefs, lagoons and atoll formations…. before a super smooth splash landing.
You’ll also spot some taxis in Male’, and these can be useful if you have luggage or children. You can either hail a taxi or call for one. A trip usually costs around 20 MVR (about $1.30 USD) with a 5 MVR (about $0.30 USD) fee for bags.
In Male’, you’ll spot a few motorbikes zooming through chaotic traffic and narrow streets. For safety reasons, it’s advised not to hire one. And after all, you are never more than a 15-minute walk away from anything in Male’.
Public Ferry
The local ferry network is very limited. You’ll find the four routes with set schedules on the government’s transit website. From less populated islands, you may be able to find a dhoni (or boat) to shuttle you to your desired destination, but this is uncommon and unreliable.

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