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MIRIHI Thari Adventure with Maria and Oleg in Maldives The natural wonders of South Ari Atoll on board the 55ft yacht Mirihi Thari. Sailing away in search of the gentle giants of the ocean – manta rays and whale sharks. Or sail away into a splendid Maldivian sunset with a pod of dolphins. A moment from Maria and Oleg’s Wedding in Maldives at Mirihi island, An adventurous Maldivian styles beach wedding on the thundi of Miriri island Resort Maldives, #maldives #maldivesislands #maldivesresorts #maldiveshoneymoon #maldivesisland #maldivestrip #maldivesinsider #mirihiisland #weddingphotography #maldiveswedding – Maldives Honeymoon and Wedding Photographer Asad