Rihiveli Beach Resort re-opens under new management

Rihiveli Beach Resort has re-opened under a new management.

Maldives government has recently granted the licence to operate Rihiveli to Save The Dream Maldives Pvt Ltd, a joint venture between Mahal Tours, which is the leaseholder of the island since 1979, and Save The Dream, a French company owned by former guests and enthusiasts of the island.

The new operator describes it as a “back to the origins” project by owners and regular repeaters.

“Whether we are Maldivians, Swiss, or French matters less than the fact that we all share the basic values of ‘Rihiveli The Dream’: Passion, Honesty and Respect. We are so excited that Rihiveli has just got its’ magic back. Its unique lagoon, its dolphins, its state of mind,” an announcement by the company read.

The new management says it will operate under these key principles:

  • Respect for the environment, its fauna and flora. No new construction will come to denature these places.
  • Respect for employees and their cultures.
  • Conviviality, activities, entertainment, well-being, tranquility and harmony.
  • Honesty at all levels.

A popular choice amongst European repeat guests, Rihiveli Beach Resort is set on the stunning island of Mahaanaelhi Huraa in South Male Atoll. Unique to its surroundings are two virgin islands of Sunrise and the Birds within the lagoon, both easily accessible on foot or by canoe.

In Rihiveli, guests live at the rhythm of nature with a choice of 48 bungalows, all sunset or sunrise facing.

source http://maldives.net.mv/25847/rihiveli-beach-resort-re-opens-under-new-management/

Ibrahim Asad

Photographer based in Maldives, My name is Asad, and I enjoy the beach and its Natural music, boat trips, and Coffee roasts. I am a photographer who travels for nearly every one of my client to document the amazing experience in Maldives, Be it an Engagement on the beach island Resort or a surprise proposal, Wedding or a renewal of wow, Pre-wedding or a Honeymoon Portrait Session. If you want to see more photos, I recommend checking out the blog.

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