You have found the love of your life; you have picked out the perfect engagement ring; you know you want to pop The Question and ask your sweetheart for her hand in marriage during your holiday in Maldives. But are you slightly unsure how exactly to pull it off?

Thanks to its amorous essence and striking beauty, Maldives almost proclaims your love for your bride-to-be by itself, though there are countless creative ways you can choose to get down on one knee to make your wedding proposal especially creative and one of a kind.

How about one of the following engagement ideas to get your darling swept away with the moment?

Romantic beach dinner proposal

A pristine stretch of soft white sand and the gentle murmuring of the waves provide an intimate setting for a meal on the beach. Let’s arrange a light picnic, or allow the island chefs to spoil your taste buds with delicacies during a candlelit dinner. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and with a heart-shaped decoration in sand, not to mention the delicious dishes, her ‘yes’ will surely echo across the Indian Ocean.

Ask ‘Will you marry me?’ on a secluded sandbank

Dream Island, a desolate sandbank just around many of the island resorts in Maldives, is your tropical engagement dream come to life. You can have this little patch of paradise all to yourselves. Even better: How about surprising her with a message written in the sand? A drone picture of this is bound to get you attention of the whole Instagram-universe!

Show her how deep your love is at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant

You can’t go wrong with popping the question at a fancy restaurant, but nothing compares to doing so at the world’s largest all-glass undersea restaurant. Imagine the ‘wow’ effect when your girlfriend discovers a shining ring inside her amuse-bouche snack box!

Propose to her on a boat at sunset

Sunsets in the Maldives are as magnificent as your love for one another. Admire the moments when the daylight bids farewell – and return to the resort as an engaged couple and celebrate the occasion with a dinner at one of the resort’s fine dining venues.

Romantic Room Makeover

Your partner will like your luxury villa so much that she will never want to leave, especially if you allow us to make the evening when you are ready to ask her to marry you even more special. Here’s our idea: Rose petals, champagne and towel art upon arrival to your villa after dinner.

Propose at the Champagne Pavilion

Head to the resort’s prime sunset-watching spot, the Champagne Pavilion, and fire the question against a tapestry of vivid colours. With a bit of luck, the moment will be made especially memorable with an appearance of the dolphins.

Truly, madly, deeply yours – underwater proposals

There are plenty of places to profess your love to your lucky lady, but none as clear and turquoise as the island lagoon. Why not arrange a private scuba diving session and propose underwater with the help of a banner? Your darling won’t be able to say much, but our instructors can arrange a writing slate so you have her ‘okay’ in black and white, and also captured on camera. Another creative idea: Don scuba gear and have your girlfriend’s jaw drop as you appear on the other side of the glass at underwater Restaurant

Ibrahim Asad

Maldives based wedding and Honeymoon Portrait Photographer

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